Books by John Lennox

Professor John Lennox’s books on science and the Christian faith include God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?, Can Science Explain Everything?, and Gunning for God, as well as God and Stephen Hawking (now in a second edition) and the forthcoming Cosmic Chemistry: Do God and Science Mix?

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Debating Atheism
John Lennox vs. Richard Dawkins, Has Science Buried God?
John Lennox vs. Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion Debate
John Lennox vs. Christopher Hitchens, Is God Great?

Christianity Examined
“I have taken a stand against atheism because I am convinced that it is perilously built on false premises and misinterpretations of evidence. . . . Properly understood, the evidence inexorably points to the existence of a creator God.” — Professor John Lennox
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“What divides us is not science, we’re both committed to it. What divides us is our worldview: his atheistic, mine theistic and Christian.” — John Lennox

“If that’s true, the world needs to hear about it!” — Kevin Sorbo, actor, co-producer and presenter